Friday, February 25, 2011

OpenCF impressions

OpenCF has come and gone. What a great vibe though. I pretty much liked all the speakers. I specially appreciated Gert Franz from Railo. He was very enthusiastic and down to earth.

The conference did not have representatives from Adobe, which I found interesting.
Not sure how many attended but it had to be around a 100 people.
I am left with somewhat conflicted feelings about the future of ColdFusion. On one hand Railo seems to be very successful and keeps adding new (and actually useful) features at record pace. On the other hand it feels that ColdFusion is diminishing.

One of the things that was mentioned was some RoR open source project that had 1600! contributors. I don't think there is ColdFusion project with even 16.
There were some long heated discussions of this issue.

Open source ColdFusion project, called Enlist was launched at the conference and working on it during the conference and collaborating with fellow attendees was the best part for me.
I hope to contribute more to this effort, even if it will not go anywhere it gives a good opportunity to try open source model.

Monday, February 14, 2011

ColdFusion conference season

Well the ColdFusion conference season is upon us.

Both Open Cf Summit and cf.Objective() promise to be great time of learning, networking and all around ColdFusion fun. And yes I am registered for both. Hurray!